Sir Lancelot delivers 3D-Animations

Why Animation

The world is becoming more visual with the increase use of mobile internet. Companies need to find different ways to attract the attention of their customer, but also become more informative in the way they promote their products. 3D Animation offers a great advantage by being a media that both has the power to explain complex functions but also attract attention. 3D Animation also simplifies for viral marketing campaigns and easily combines new technologies such as apps and responsive web media.

Our strength

Sir Lancelot Animation Studio can visualize the benefits of your products, thereby strengthen your communication and deliver a better experience to your customers. From multinational companies to small firms, Sir Lancelot provides clients with high end 3D Animation & professional 3D development strategies.

With many years of experience ranging from full-scale productions to ad-hoc projects, our areas of expertis include the following:

  • VFX in advertising, web and film
  • Character Animation
  • Product Visualization
  • Prototype Visualization
  • Visual effects
  • Digital Compositing
  • Technical animation
  • Print
  • Instructional Movies
  • Architectural Visualization

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